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I've tried to keep this site short, concise, and hopefully easy on the eyes. Function over form, although I hope you don't dislike the form too much, either.


If you have any community initiatives involving Georgetown, Ontario or the surrounding area that you need or want help with, please send me an e-mail. My specialization is in computers and information technology, but that is not the extent of my interest. I am willing to volunteer my time to certain types of projects.

Also, if you feel like dropping me an e-mail for any reason at all, please do so at mattbg@outlook.com!


The following papers are some examples of my research. More examples of my writing can be found on my blog, linked in the "Contact" section above.


Fragments of various ideas - none of them completed. These use a combination of hardware synthesizers: Yamaha S90ES, Roland XV-5050, and Alesis NanoSynth.